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Tod Kapke

-The work is a reflection of influences from Tex Avery to Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Brothers Quay, and Joel-Peter Witkin.  Experimenting has always been at the core of all of it. No ideas or techniques are “out of bounds”. As a child watching cartoons, I wanted to be an animator, as a teen after years of old sci-fi movies and a copy of the ILM book, I wanted to be an special-effects artist. I turned to photography as a way to test out these ideas quickly. I have always been interested in the idea of process oriented art. The work became a mix of mediums, photography, sculpture, painting, prop and set design. It’s always been about the use of metaphor, handy crafts (growing up making forts and macaroni art) and the use of the trick-of-the-eye whimsy. 



-The above imagery is from my early experiments as a teen . {Apparently I was very strange and dark child} I always wanted to create the look of paintings and illustrations than traditional photography. I saw using the camera as a quick means to an end. Early color experiments, I tried to create shoddly built versions of the multi-plane cameras that Max Fleicher and Walt Disney built to rephotograph photographs, paintings and models. 





+ Press

—  Tod has been featured by many industry influencers, awards and publications. Thanks to all that have noticed and appreciated my work. 

Work appeared in: 2018 PDN The Curator Awards winner, Print, HOW, IDN, Aint-Bad, Lens Scratch, DesignWorkLife, Lost at E Minor, Ape on the Moon, Beautiful Decay, Flak Photo, Ph Magazine, Josh Spear, Design is KInky, Thunder Chunky, Visual Cache and more.


behind the scenes

-This is a small peak behind to see the nuts and bolts of how this imagery came to be.